Our Hosts

Your hosts are crystal clear that this is not about them. We also know, you might be asking who the heck we are and why we are talking about this. So here’s the scoop and some of who we are.

Lin Schussler-Williams

Lin Schussler-Williams wrote a book called 9 Little Words to Change Your Results: Releasing Old Patterns and Moving Forward with 3 Short Phrases. She has served the world through spiritual communities, through transformational coaching, through sales coaching for solopreneurs who make a difference, and by a lifelong dedication and willingness to get better.  Her first spiritual experience in memory happened at 5 years old.  She has an undergraduate degree in religious studies, an M.B.A., and lots of certifications.  She is the founder of UPRising – Unstoppable Powerful Women, a community with a mission to provide women an opportunity and environment to grow and connect through free events.  She is the producer of the Be More Conference for Women, a twice a year online event that brings the voices of women making a difference to the world.  She contributes to the podcast Discover Rising Tides, and is launching her podcast Cultivating Purpose, where she has conversations with women who make things happen, in Spring of 2023.

Brooke Haynes

Brooke is a multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneur who shows up as a business coach, a community builder, a podcast host, and web developer. She is the Co-founder of Consurgo, a personal development community, Co-Founder of BE Authentic Beauty Products, and Be YOU, a virtual event and platform manager.

Her unique unorthodox ideas and visions help create new ways to build businesses in these leading edge times. Her mission is to see micro-communities with purpose filled intentions collaborating together for greater impact.

She is a mother of a little boy, and strives to show him that you can turn your passion into profit and live a purposeful life!